Common Issues Brought to Counselling



Anxiety, stress and panic are feelings we all experience, but sometimes they escalate or become permanent states of mind. Acute, ongoing anxiety can make it hard to summon up the energy and courage to continue with our day to day life.


Everyone feels down at times, but in depression a dark cloud seems to be permanently lodged over our head, threatening to overwhelm us.


There are many different types of addiction that can wreak havoc in our lives, destroying our self-esteem and undermining our relationships.

Life transitions

At certain times in life we can be faced with profound change. The old status quo falls away and we may feel great sadness, confusion or even be completely overwhelmed.


There are many types of abuse, to adults and to children, all involving power and control over another person. Abuse may take the form of domestic violence, psychological or emotional abuse, sexual abuse or financial abuse. Most adult victims are women, but there are also men who suffer from abuse and partners in same-sex relationships as well as heterosexual ones.


Relationships are of great importance to most people, often providing the main source of meaning, fulfilment and happiness in our lives. So when we have problems to do with our relationships it can feel devastating.

Living with medical conditions

Living with a chronic illness can challenge and undermine the fundamentals of your life. Not only are there immediate medical and physiological issues to face and come to terms with, but a medical condition can also change how you see your place in society, your relationships with your partner, friends and family, your plans and hopes for the future and your sense of self.

Bereavement, loss and grief

Throughout life we will be faced with many forms of loss, from the ending of a relationship to redundancy to the death of a loved one. Losses are inevitably difficult to come to terms with, as is most major change, and yet we need to work through and come to terms with all the difficult feelings that arise if we are to be able to move forward with our lives.   For more information, please see the A-Z of counselling issues on the BACP ‘It’s Good To Talk‘ website. Or you can get in touchwith me to discuss your concerns, or to book an initial session. Whatever the difficulties you are facing now, things can change for you. Time spent working through your issues and concerns in counselling, really can make all the differen